Thursday, 15 April 2010

DO eat something rank (Part 3)

This one tops the lot- hard boiled duck embryos.

I must admit this one was actually a mistake. A hideous foetus related mistake.

I ordered two of them off a street stall in Dalat thinking they were boiled eggs, forgetting that anything innocent looking out here usually contains either some surprise creatures or parts of an animal you never knew existed. I was soon reminded when I cracked the top expecting yolk and brown goo came out instead.

After the initial horror, naturally I had to try a bit once it was already in front of me. Tasted like yolk with veins in. Which is exactly what it was. Even I wasn't brave enough to power through with this one.

In all honesty I don't know what I was expecting from a city where you can visit a copy of the Eiffel tower and get your picture taken with a Vietnamese cowboy in the same day. It's like an alpine village meets Vegas on acid here. I'm half surprised a jack in the box didn't pop out.

Not that I want you to get an unfair image of Dalat cuisine- they do have a few tasty treats, including hot peanut flavoured soy milk which is lush. Even if the poor woman did advertise it to us as 'penis milk'.

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