Thursday, 15 April 2010

DO drive a tuk-tuk

In our case at least, find an awesome Cambodian tour guide who is enough of a nutter to let two English girls with no producable driving licenses rag his tuk-tuk around for the whole day.

When people say Asians are laid back, they aren't exaggerating- he ended up spending the entire day chilling in the back seat with his arms behind his head getting double takes from passers-by.

Mr Bov, we salute you.


  1. I have some ace videos to go with this post, which I would upload if only it weren't for this criminally slow internet connection.

    Bear with me guys until I can get somewhere that doesn't have a wind-up modem :) xxx

  2. Video fail. Tried again and it just counts, and counts, and counts up to some unknown number. I am aware I am a technospaz though so any suggestions welcome xx