Friday, 29 January 2010

DO find a random little back end street stall and chow down

On the plus side, I got an awesome lunch yesterday for 60p. We found this little stall in the back end of nowhere, and not having the slightest clue how or what to order I just went up and said "soup?". 10 seconds later a massive steaming bowl of noodle soup appeared, full of marinated beef, vegetables and little hand made wontons. Score.

Granted I did eat it on a plastic chair surrounded by stray cats and washing up buckets, but it's all good.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

DON'T cross the road if you have a pacemaker

Phew. Finally arrived in Bangkok (minus 1 digital camera thanks to some over-enthusiastic baggage handlers on the way to Dubai) and it is MENTAL. Crossing the road here is roughly akin danger-wise to base jumping. Traffic is a fifty mile an hour free-for-all with every conceivable vehicle, including food carts that are still cooking giant pots of noodles.

Sam and I have thus adopted the technique of standing around until a Thai person comes along, then walking about an inch behind them until they get to the other side. Sam's theory behind this is that "they won't mow one of their own".


Welcome to my blog! Here you can follow me and my friends winging our way around Asia for 6 months. We haven't even slightly planned anything (to the point of it being slightly silly) so this is a list of what we've come across to do and definitely not do if you ever decide to embark on a similar trip.

Against my better judgement I will also be attempting the best suggestions of mad things to do from this group: Feel free to join and suggest more stuff.

Enjoy!! xx