Wednesday, 10 February 2010

DON'T be a retard

Spent the entire day on a moped the other day without so much as a scratch, then once we got off I managed to gash my chin open faceplanting a waterfall.

Totally ruined this lovely Thai couple's picnic who had to run around scooping up this idiot foreigner who'd just gone sailing past them on her arse. This was followed by a walk of shame having to go back down the hill with completely wet trousers and my chin hanging open, doing the obligatory smile and nod ('yes, yes, I really am that stupid') while people pointed and gasped, or in many cases actually came up and asked me what on earth I had done to myself- the Thais aren't exactly reserved.

I now have an attractive scab and enormous purple creation on my chin, which attracts even MORE stares from frightened locals on the street every day. Have resorted to trying to plaster it in concealer to avoid scaring people too much. Common sense was unfortunately not something I was blessed with.

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