Tuesday, 2 February 2010

DO expect to meet a few crazies

Fun as it is staying around the Khao San Road area of Bangkok (we're actually on Soi Rambutri, a nice little side street), there is no shortage of utter space cadets round here.

Case in point: crazy Austrian guy on god-knows-what who minced over and started chatting utter gibberish about his wife in the Phillipines (fair enough, you say, only the guy was about as straight as a roundabout). After being told where to go by our large Swedish friend for trying to stroke his tattoos, he flounced off only to re-appear two hours later minus all of his belongings, do three laps of the bar then bail in full view of everyone and have to be removed by the management. Last we heard he had started on the owner of a guesthouse down the road and was spending the night in a Thai prison. Some hangover that's gonna be...

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