Friday, 5 February 2010

DO agree to totally random stuff

Just did the Miss International Flower Bloom pageant for Chiang Mai flower festival last night. By far the most bizarre thing I have ever done.

Four of us got collared by the woman at our guesthouse to enter and agreed just out of the sheer randomness of it. The whole thing was so surreal- we got all dressed up in traditional Thai dress, hair and makeup, then after getting an actual police convoy to the festival we had to walk through rows and rows of spectators waving and taking pictures of us all.

The Thai round of the contest was beautifully choreographed with all the contestants graceful and absolutely immaculate.... then enter us. We were blatently the evening's entertainment- we had to introduce ourselves and then perform a 'talent' (I use the term very loosely) that we had mostly had less than a day to prepare. There was truly the good, the bad and the ugly- everything from synchronised skipping to a football commentary (in my own case doing poi to the can-can song- I can imagine the faces).

Needless to say none of us made the final three with our ridiculous attempts at a performance, but it was some experience alright.

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