Wednesday, 9 June 2010

DO eat your way around Penang

Everything you hear is true- the food here is weird, wonderful and dangerously, belt-buckle-poppingly LUSH.

Just spent an entire, fabulous afternoon stuffing everything under the sun into my face in little India. In just two hours I've munched tandoori chicken samosas, fried yellow bean cakes, Putu Mayam (steamed noodles with grated coconut and palm sugar- which, by the way, are the best thing EVER), and sweet Indian pulled tea. Add that to the local Chinese buffet I had for lunch, traditional Islamic dried fruits for an afternoon snack and the dim sum we are planning to have for dinner in just over an hour and you've got yourself one fat mama. Fat, but happy. I bet Father Christmas has his summer holidays here.

1 comment:

  1. Sacked off the dim sum in the end and ended up having an enormous half a tandoori chicken with Indian pickles, 3 different sauces, a naan, a cheese roti with curry sauce and a drink all for less than 2 quid.

    Ahhhhhhhh that was a good day...