Tuesday, 30 March 2010

DON'T eat a Durian

Who would have thought a fruit exists that smells like bin juice and tastes like mangoes and feet? For some unknown reason they go absolutely mad for them over here but I can smell them a mile away and they always make me gag.

It's even worse in dessert form. Steer well clear of Durian sticky rice unless you have a terrible urge to eat a solid fart.


  1. Comedy moment the other day when Dan bought a Durian flavoured ice cream thinking it was lemon. He took one bite and gagged, so the shop owner proceeded to wet himself with laughter, then opened the freezer again and went "chocolate??"

  2. Argh don't remind me... when I had food poisoning I couldn't stop thinking about that ice cream. It wasn't helped either by having to tear around Saigon on a moped smelling them everywhere!